Useful industrial-control-system-security websites & data’s


CSETThe Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET®) assists organizations in protecting their key national cyber assets. This tool provides users with a systematic and repeatable approach for assessing the security posture of their cyber systems and networks. It includes both high-level and detailed questions related to all industrial control and IT systems.​
Digital Bond’s 3S CoDeSys ToolsDigital Bond created three tools for interacting with PLCs that run CoDeSys, consisting of a command shell, file transfer and NMap script.
Digital Bond’s ICS Enumeration ToolsRedpoint is a Digital Bond research project to enumerate ICS applications and devices using nmap extensions. It can be used during assessments to discover ICS devices and pull information that would be helpful in secondary testing. The Redpoint tools use legitimate protocol or application commands to discover and enumerate devices and applications. There is no effort to exploit or crash anything, but be wise and careful.
GRASSMARLINGRASSMARLIN provides IP network situational awareness of industrial control systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks to support network security. Passively map, and visually display, an ICS/SCADA network topology while safely conducting device discovery, accounting, and reporting on these critical cyber-physical systems.
ics_mem_collectMemory collector for GE D20MX. The project itself can be extended to work with other devices.
ISFThe Industrial Exploitation Framework (ISF) is an exploitation framework similar to Metasploit written in Python. It is based on the open source Routersploit tool. It contains exploits for several types of controllers, such as QNX, Siemens and Schneider devices and includes several scanners.
ISEFThe Industrial Security Exploitation Framework (ISEF) is an exploitation framework based on the Equation Group Fuzzbunch toolkit as released by Shadow Brokers. It’s developed by the ICSMASTER Security Team.
ꓘamerka GUIUltimate Internet of Things/Industrial Control Systems reconnaissance tool.
mbtgetmbtget – Simple perl script for make some modbus transaction from the command line.
MiniCPSMiniCPS: A toolkit for security research on Cyber-Physical Systems from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).
MODBUS Penetration Testing Frameworksmod is a modular framework with every kind of diagnostic and offensive feature you could need in order to pentest modbus protocol. It is a full Modbus protocol implementation using Python and Scapy. The framework can be used to perform vulnerability assessments.
ModbusPalModbusPal is a MODBUS slave simulator. Its purpose is to offer an easy to use interface with the capabilities to reproduce complex and realistic MODBUS environments.
ModScanModScan is a new tool designed to map a SCADA MODBUS TCP based network.
NetToPLCSimTCP/IP-Network extension for the PLC simulation software Siemens PLCSim.
Opendnp3Opendnp3 is the de facto reference implementation of IEEE-1815 (DNP3) provided under the Apache License.
PLCinjectPLCinject can be used to inject code into PLCs.
plcscanTool for scaning PLC devices over the s7comm or modbus protocol.
Quickdraw IDSThe Quickdraw IDS project by Digital Bond includes Snort rules for SCADA devices and so-called preprocessors for network traffic. The preprocessors provide significant additional value because of their ability to reconstruct the protocol and state for use by Snort.
S7Comm-AnalyzerA plugin for Bro that parses S7comm protocol data traffic.
SCADAShutdownToolSCADAShutdownTool is an industrial control system automation and testing tool allows security researchers and experts to test SCADA security systems, enumerate slave controllers, read controller’s registers values and rewrite registers data.
sixnet-toolsTool for exploiting Sixnet RTUs. This simple command line interface allows using undocumented function codes to gain root access anc control the underlying Linux OS on certain Sixnet family industrial control devices.
Snap7Snap7 is an open source, 32/64 bit, multi-platform Ethernet communication suite for interfacing natively with Siemens S7 PLCs. The new CPUs 1200/1500, the old S7200, the small LOGO 0BA7/0BA8 and SINAMICS Drives are also partially supported.
s7scanA tool written in Python that scans networks, enumerates Siemens PLCs and gathers basic information about them, such as PLC firmware and hardware version, network configuration and security parameters.
S7 Password BruteforcerA tool to bruteforce the password used by S7 instances from a PCAP using a dictionary. Original created by SCADAStrangelove.
sploneboxsplonebox is an open source network assessment tool with focus on modularity. It offers an ongoing analysis of a network and its devices. One major design decision features development of custom plugins, including ones for industrial communication protocols.
WiresharkWireshark is the world’s foremost network protocol analyzer. It lets you see what’s happening on your network at a microscopic level. It is the de facto (and often de jure) standard across many industries and educational institutions. It has support for many protocols used in ICS.


Moki LinuxMoki is a modification of Kali to encorporate various ICS/SCADA Tools scattered around the internet, to create a customized Kali Linux geared towards ICS/SCADA pentesting professionals.
SamuraiSTFUSamuraiSTFU takes the best in breed security tools for traditional network and web penetration testing, adds specialized tools for embedded and RF testing, and mixes in a healthy dose of energy sector context, documentation, and sample files, including emulators for SCADA, Smart Meters, and other types of energy sector systems to provide leverage a full test lab.
ControlThings PlatformThe ControlThings Platform is an open source linux distribution for ICS cyber security teams. It takes the best-in-breed security assessment tools for traditional IT infrastructures and adds specialized tools for embedded electronics, proprietary wireless, and a healthy dose of ICS specific assessment tools, both from the community and custom tools created by the ControlThings I/O teams.


ConpotConpot is a low interactive server side Industrial Control Systems honeypot designed to be easy to deploy, modify and extend. It features easy customization and and behaviour mimicking, amongst others, and can be extended with real HMIs. Built and maintained under the Honeynet project.
GasPotGasPot is a honeypot that has been designed to simulate a Veeder Root Gaurdian AST. These Tank Gauges are common in the oil and gas industry for Gas Station tanks to help with Inventory of fuels. GasPot was designed to randomize as much as possible so no two instances look exactly the same.
T-PotT-Pot is a combination of several honeypots that run in docker containers. Suricata and the ELK stack are used for security monitoring and visualization. Amongst others, it features Conpot and eMobility, which are an ICS and next generation transport infrastructure honeypots.


4SICS ICS Lab PCAPSThe “Geek Lounge” at 4SICS contains an ICS lab with PLCs, RTUs, servers, industrial network equipment (switches, firewalls, etc). These devices are available for hands-on “testing” by 4SICS attendees and traffic has been captured from these.
DEF CON 23 ICS Village PCAPSPCAPS from the 23rd DEF CON.
ICS MapA map created from data gathered by Shodan showing ICS devices. Data is made available for further analysis.
ICS PCAP Collection by Jason SmithA collection of PCAPs for various ICS utilities and protocols.
ICS RadarData gathered from several types of ICS protocols by Shodan visualized on a globe.
S4x15 ICS VillageMirror for the PCAPS from the S4x15 CTF as used during the contest.
S7 PCAP samplesSample files for Wireshark S7 protocol dissector plugin.
SCADAPASSThe famous SCADA StrangeLove Default/Hardcoded Passwords List.
TRISIS/TRITON/HATMAN malware repositoryRepository containting original and decompiled files of TRISIS/TRITON/HATMAN malware targeting Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers.

Feeds and News

ICS-CERT AlertsThe ICS-CERT Alert feed is intended to provide timely notification to critical infrastructure owners and operators concerning threats or activity with the potential to impact critical infrastructure computing networks.
ICS-CERT RSS FeedThe RSS feed by the United States ICS-CERT lists news and newly released vulnerability advisories.
Industrial Security AlertsSiemens provides alerts for its industrial systems via this page and RSS feed.
North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) AlertsNERC provides alerts for Bulk Electric System (BES) security advisories and industry recommendations.
ABB Cybersecurity Alerts and NotificationsABB provides alerts for its cyber security incidents and software vulnerabilities.
Schneider Electric Cybersecurity Alerts and NotificationsGet the latest updates and alerts on Cyber Security and Compliance from Schneider Electric Software.

Conferences and Conference Material

CS3STHLMthe Stockholm international summit on Cyber Security in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems – is an annual summit that gather the most important stakeholders across critical processes and industries. CS3STHLM has been organized since 2014, and has quickly become the premier ICS Security Summit in Northern Europe.
CS4CACyber Security for Critical Assets is a global series of summits focusing on cyber security for critical infrastructure.
SANS ICS Summit ArchivesCentral repository for the presentation material for the SANS ICS Summits held worldwide.
SANS ICS Cybersecurity Conference (WeissCon)Affectionately known as WeissCon after it’s founder Joe Weiss, the conference is now owned and operated by SecurityWeek and usually runs in October at different locations each year in the US.


ATT&CK® for Industrial Control Systems by MITREATT&CK for ICS is a knowledge base useful for describing the actions an adversary may take while operating within an ICS network.
Library of Resources for Industrial Control System Cyber’s ultimate list of ICS/SCADA cybersecurity resources.
Applied Cyber Security and the Smart GridApplied Cyber Security and the Smart Grid: Implementing Security Controls into the Modern Power Infrastructure by Eric D. Knapp and Raj Samani.
A Collection of Resources for Getting Started in ICS/SCADA CybersecurityRobert M. Lee’s thoughts on some good resources on ICS & SCADA security.
Hacker Machine Interface – The State of SCADA HMI VulnerabilitiesA TrendLabs Research Paper from the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative Team about the current state of SCADA and HMI security.
Handbook of SCADA/Control Systems SecurityThis comprehensive handbook covers fundamental security concepts, methodologies, and relevant information pertaining to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and other industrial control systems used in utility and industrial facilities worldwide.
SCADA Cybersecurity FrameworkPaper describing what a SCADA Cyber Security framework should consist of.
Industrial Network Security, Second EditionIndustrial Network Security, Second Edition: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid, SCADA, and Other Industrial Control Systems by Eric D. Knapp and Joel Thomas Langill.
Power System SCADA and Smart GridsThe book brings together in one concise volume the fundamentals and possible application functions of power system supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Not security-oriented and geared towards power systems, but a good primer into SCADA nonetheless.
NIST SP 800-82, Revision 2Guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security by NIST.
The Industrial Control System Cyber Kill ChainThis SANS paper describes the ICS Cyber Kill Chain. It tailors the Lockheed Martin Kill Chain to typical, two phase attacks on ICS systems.
An Abbreviated History of Automation, Industrial Control Systems, and CybersecurityThis SANS paper looks at the background on ICS cybersecurity. Well worth the read to make sure you understand many of the events that have occurred over the past twenty years and how they’ve inspired security in ICS today.
Control Engineering – Networking and Security – CyberSecurityControl Engineering magazine’s cybersecurity news and literature.
Operational Technology Cyber Security Incidents Ontology (OT-CSIO)OT-CSIO, created by FireEye, is an ontology to understand, cross-compare and assess cyber security incidents related to operational technology. It provides guidance for assessing risks and helps making informed decisions.
CIS Controls Implementation Guide for Industrial Control Systems – Version 7This document provides guidance on how to apply the security best practices found in CIS Controls Version 7.1 to ICS environments.
CIS Controls Internet of Things Companion Guide – Version 7.1The objective of this document is to have broad applicability across sectors. IoT affects all areas of computingacross multiple sectors, such as healthcare, aviation, public safety, and energy. This has led to sector-specific IoT security guidance, but this document is purposefully sector-agnostic.


LICSTERLICSTER, the Low-cost ICS Security Testbed for Education and Research, aims to help setup a minimal, low-cost Industrial Control System (ICS) testbest for students, researchers, or anyone with an interest in industrial security. The project contains a list of affordable hardware to build the minimalistic ICS with, instructions, configurations and installation scripts to instantiate the system as well as various attacker scenarios and their implications. The paper can be found here.        

Introduction to ICS, SCADA, & PLCs

PLC Training OrgSite organizes all essential topics related to PLC training up to SCADA systems. While security is interwoven within the 10 learning phases, this is a great security article on the site for those just starting out.        
Control System BasicsYouTube video explaining control system basics including the type of logic these systems use to sense and create physical changes to take action upon.        
SCADA Systems – Utility 101 Session with Rusty WiliiamsUtility industry professional Rusty Williams explains SCADA from an electric utility perspective.        
Control System LecturesBrian Douglas YouTube video series where he covers a wide range of topics on control systems in a very easy to process way.        
The PLC ProfessorThe PLC Professor and his website contains a lot of great resources for learning what programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other types of control systems and their logic are and how they work.        
Serial Communications RS232 and RS485John Rinaldi of Real Time Automation describes Serial communications RS232 and RS485.        
All You Need To Know About MODBUS-RTUJohn Rinaldi of Real Time Automation describes MODBUS-RTU.        
MODBUS Data StructuresJohn Rinaldi of Real Time Automation describes MODBUS data structures.        
All You Need to Know About MODBUS-TCPJohn Rinaldi of Real Time Automation describes MODBUS-TCP.        
How Ethernet TCP/IP is Used by Industrial ProtocolsJohn Rinaldi of Real Time Automation describes Ethernet TCP/IP.        
GRFICSGraphical Realism Framework for Industrial Control Simulations (GRFICS) is a framework for realistic industrial control simulations that uses Unity 3D game engine for simulating industrial control systems. GRFICS provides users with a full virtual industrial control system (ICS) network to practice common attacks including command injection, man-in-the-middle, and buffer overflows, and visually see the impact of their attacks in the 3D visualization. Users can also practice their defensive skills by properly segmenting the network with strong firewall rules, or writing intrusion detection rules.        
RealParsThe RealPars YouTube channel has many videos on industrial automation and PLC programming.        

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